Thursday, March 12, 2009


The above link sickens me.

Given the present day economic/realpolitik realities our country faces, I suppose any reader would be wondering why the absence of what should be daily comments about our present travails. The reality is that I'm spending a significant amount of time attempting to digest the vagueries of present DC decision making and how same fits within my scope of analysis.

I'm angry. And that's not good.

I'm angry that there seems to be no control of financial or moral responsibility. Apparently we are looking at increasing IMF aid to 100 billion dollars---and the other day, Hillary Clinton promised an extra 1 million dollars to allow deserving Palestinian youth to pursue university training either in the EU or the US (excuse me???---note to Hillary from my desk---can we consider the needs of US students for the time being??), Actually, forget Hillary---her actions are merely the wishes of the present administration in toto. I used to believe that Condi Rice was merely a "lap dog" for the Bush administration. Sorry, Hillary, but you seem to be more of the same...and so far, not much of the "change" that I assumed you would shoulder. I understand the generic importance of the IMF..but increasing the total awards to 100 billion dollars at this stage of the game?? To borrow the acronym but WTF? I sound like a Republican perhaps..maybe a few Democrats. Just as I am attempting to evaluate the genuine grist of the gargantuan money traps that are being signed "into law", I end up reading the above link. At some point, I will discuss my perspectives of the military---the pluses and the minuses. Again, it won't be pretty but I will not hold back just to kow-tow to a particular interest group or two.

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