Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cancer Report

Hopefully you have seen in recent news reports that there has been a decline in rates of most types of cancer in the US. This news obviously is a good thing when considered on an initial read.

I have sent an online question to the American Cancer Society to look at another possibility behind the drop. Is it possible that with the increasing percentage of uninsured Americans over the past decade, the report's findings may have inadvertently left out this rather significant percentage of the American population? If one has no insurance, it's unlikely that diagnoses will be made and treatments will be instituted secondary to the fact that this population will not pursue health care maintenance. Therefore, the cancers that would have been detected and treated within this population would not be part of the statistics if this very subset has been excluded.

My hope is that the issue of the uninsured was taken into account in the production of this particular report.

I will post whatever answer I receive from the ACS.

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