Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As you may have gathered so far, I am holding true to my promise that I will strive to educate interested constituents on not just my own preferences, interests and points of view...but also will include at least one or two copy and paste links to other background material for each of my postings which I believe will help to serve as further clarification of my perspectives. I hope that some of these links will stimulate other questions for you in perhaps challenging your own perceptions of issues. I have always tried to establish the value of realizing that for every argument or dilemma, there will be at least two opposing points of view, which when evaluated separately will offer meaningful context to the entire evaluation of any problem. I have found that there never is a "black and white" response to any issue...the subjective and objective shades of grey that we all bring (based many times on our own personal belief structures) into the analysis of any issue of concern is sometimes the greatest stumbling block in the co-creation of policy making.

Now for your homework...go type "realpolitik" into whatever word search engine you choose and try to digest the various definitions you may find.

My particular policy evaluation style is based upon this form of political reality. I think that this perspective is a much more rationale explanation of those shades of grey that sometimes need to be evaluated in establishing coherent policies.

And why do I think these comments and requests are important for you?

I have no interest in being your caretaker. I am not going to go to Washington to act as a "father-type figure" who will simply pat you on the head and say "don't worry, my established all knowing system will take care of you and you don't have to do a thing".

I want to do something a bit different. I want you to be involved and I want you to not only know what's going on inside my head but I want to educate you in the ways of the real world. Imagine this irrationally foreign concept of a partnership between the generic needs of Americans and their elected officials. It's important for me to have that partnership. I refuse to exist as that man behind the curtain.

Realpolitik does exist by the way, even if you've never heard of it before. This particular word "realpolitik" is going to be repeated over and over on this blog. You will become sick of hearing it. But I think that it's important enough to understand.

And that's my job...

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